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Sedona's New Day Spa BBB Business Review
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“An Inner Journey towards your True Nature”


"Wheel of Life" Gem Stones Reading
A Journey into your energy centers using selected wisdom-gemstones

Our trained Readers will guide you to new insights, a broader understanding and a positive new outlook on your present life or focus on specific areas of your choice. To complete your inner journey and anchor this enriching experience you will receive an integrating and energy balancing massage (or Reiki session) for overall revitalization.
90 min $235 • 120 min $320

"Vision Quest" A Sedona Experience
Native Symbols guide you on an Inner Journey

Our trained Reader will use symbolic cards from the Native American Tradition and let them reveal to you what is there to be seen. Your own creative spirit will be invited - in a playful (positive) and uplifting way. This will be followed by a relaxing energy work massage (or Reiki session) that will strengthen this new state of being.
90 min $235 • 120 min $320

"A Southwest Steam Experience"
Inspired by the Native American “Sweatlodge”

By acknowledging what matters to you and maybe what worries you, you will start your preparation for this inner journey.
The Native American Tradition uses steam to cleanse the body and purify the spirit.

Receive a purifying exfoliation followed by an application of “unique blend of Cedarwood Citrus Wild Chaparral Oils. These oils promote detoxification and relaxation; help increase circulation; and assist in providing a gentle purification and revitalization.
Relax under the Steamy Spa canopy while receiving a relaxing head massage.
After the steam warm towels will prepare you to receive a full body massage with Rosemary Mint coconut Butter. Feel your body refreshed and your spirit renewed and revitalized.
90 min $260 • 120 min $340